Supernatural Airwaves Series

The first time Claire Ramsden hears his voice, she almost falls off her chair.

The new radio DJ. The man with the deep, husky voice. The vampire.

Claire grew up around supernatural creatures. But none of them have ever done this to her before—left her dazed and aching with just a few words.

She may just be human, but Claire’s not afraid of some glamor-happy vampire. She marches right into that radio station, ready to take the bloodsucker down.

Too bad that’s not a glamor she’s feeling.

The gorgeous bartender hates his guts.

She’s his fated mate.

Otis has always known about his bond with Bree Mendez. He also knows she’d rather date a skunk shifter than spend time with him.

He’s done the right thing: kept his distance. Respected her choice, even when it kills him inside. And if Otis still torments her every time he sees her—well, nobody’s perfect.

But something evil is stalking Boiling River. Buildings are destroyed, with claw marks gouged in the doors. And the only pattern to these attacks—Bree.

So screw keeping his distance. She doesn’t have to date him, but Otis would rather die than see his mate hurt.

Bree had better suck it up, because she just won herself a new bodyguard.

Ghost Track

He woke up without a body or name.

Now only one woman can sense him… and save him.

The ghost has put Olivia through hell. He stole her sleep and nearly her sanity. But when the gorgeous librarian finally accepts that he’s real, the ghost has hope again.

He could find his body. Remember his name. Get out of this limbo once and for all.

But working together brings them closer. They cross a line or five.

Maybe he doesn’t want to be free. Maybe he wants to stay.

Maybe a body’s not worth it after all.

© Tabby Monroe 2021